Tales of Heroes is a fan-game of the Tales Of Series. None of the sprites belong to me and have just been found lying around the internet. I want to try and make an interesting and fun experience without sticking too close to the source content, so I'm going to add the TitanAnteus flare to it. It's not an easy game mind you and I don't plan on it ever being one. To me this game is a test to see how well I can design and develop and how much I've improved, but that being said, I really hope you have fun playing.

Tales of Heroes DL1

First, this game is amazing, I showed it to a friend, and it's awesome!
But here is some feedback:

Need more options for controls.
Random encounters, although fun, are pretty frequent.
When slashing, the animation seems to get stuck sometimes or cut out a tiny bit.

Best of luck!

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TitanAnteus Author

Thank you very much. I'll add more options later.

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Your favorite Tales of Games Go Mine is:
Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Grace

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