Syntensity 1.1.4 for Windows. See below for installation instructions.

Syntensity 1.1.4
blackmodeler - - 1,015 comments

sweet! looks great, downloading now ^___^

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kripken Author
kripken - - 2 comments

Hmm, I just noticed that the screenshot is from a game that isn't in the Syntensity Lobby yet. While you can play a preview version of it (search for "GK Swarm" in the list of activities on the website), it still needs some more polish.

(If you need help running the preview version, people are usually on IRC, #syntensity on FreeNode, that can explain stuff).

To be more specific about the status, what you see in the screenshot is present and works, but we are adding more elements (doors, traps), and also we will improve the performance some more before we put it in the Syntensity Lobby.

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