SynergiesMOD update now includes a PARRY effect, new Tier1.5 armor, Tier0.5 Soulcraftable armor, Fixes for Corspefire Wolves, Model tweaks, and more Darknessfalls then you can shake a stick at! Check out the Change log by clicking the "read more" button!

SynergiesMOD V650

I've said it once and I'll say it again : The Dedication that's been put into this mod has been phenomenal. I have not played this mod in a few months because of the constant updates but that is not a bad thing. Once this mod has been fully developed I'm looking forward to fully playing through this insane mod.

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salan Author

it will take a while for it to be finished, i have a lot of tier1 content to do, then I have to rejigg it into an actual story line and quest arch. It will be great when its done.. thats just act 5 ;)

On the note of not playing because of updates, just pick one and play, then wait a while to update again, you don't need to download them all all the time.

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