NOTE: This does not work with existing saves. You need to restart the level. If you already loaded an old save you also need to edit the User.ini file in 'GameData\Save\Profile_<name>'. This mod adds a visible body and legs to the player in first person. Make sure you read the README.txt file for installation instructions. Multiplayer compatible!

Star Wars Republic Commando First Person Player Legs
RC-1207. - - 3 comments

It doesn't work. Strangely enough none of the mods gave me legs which are suppused to give me legs although I tried several.

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lelgetrekt Author
lelgetrekt - - 3 comments

Works just fine. You need to start a new map though. Loading an old save won't make the legs show up most likely.

If you already loaded a save game it also won't work when opening a new map. In that case you have to go to 'GameData/Save/Profile<name>' and edit the User.ini there as well

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RC-1207. - - 3 comments

Thank, it works! It's nice but it can be a bit goofy in cutscenes.

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lelgetrekt Author
lelgetrekt - - 3 comments

Thanks for the feedback. I changed it so it is simply hidden in briefings now.

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VYeher248 - - 5 comments

This is a must-have mod!

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