Versus could now hold servers of 32 players! O_O I don't think many of them will fit in the trader house!

Specimenation Versus B4 March 15 2010
Emil_4444 - - 465 comments

Where should you put the files?

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ultraguy - - 88 comments

why does that zombie on the picture has a ***** D:, not zombie has a ***** on the game!

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Sylendrian - - 1 comments

Why is that person pointing a gun at that disturbingly well endowed seal, while standing in a very promiscuous position him/herself?

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Izaku - - 3 comments

this mod in this version is horrible! the image of the game is a garbage!

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FrozenDozer - - 4 comments

Well the mod itself is a nice idea, but done horribly atm. There is pointless data fragments all over the hud, the controls are horrible and never know if you are actually hitting someone or not.

So, please work on this mod! If you do it right this may become a very popular gametype because the idea behind this is proven in L4D and will work in KF too!

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wolfcub - - 16 comments

Those random data numbers, are exactly how much damage your doing. :) I personally like it, its a start, definitely better then I can do. :)

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looZED0ool - - 19 comments

where to put the files in

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