This is the biggest patch never made by me .. Just read the description for all new things! What news on this big patch? - Almost all monsters changed of animations - NPC in all towns almost changed - New WP and quest background - Act 5 town bug fixed

SnMX 2.1
God601 Author
God601 - - 198 comments

mastercode does added all animations and sounds on this mod =D

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SheX - - 78 comments

Hi God601. I think you know who I. You must delete or change lower panel, border panel, life and mana orbs from your mod. Because you steal it from MY MOD!
Also I see you steal another graphical features from other mods... Authors of another mod will be warned by me about it.

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God601 Author
God601 - - 198 comments

if you readed on the last forum...

SnMX is a very unique mod for Diablo II. Although always developing, SnMX is produced with the user in mind first. User feedback is the number one method of growth for SnMX, and our users are always finding ways for SnMX to grow. SnMX stays competative with other mods by adding user-requested features.

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octavian94 - - 8 comments

:)) and what man what's your problem? anyway a hibrid is better then only a simple mod :lol: go on God;) Anyway i've played a lot of mods all of them have stolen maps and others things from others so you'd better shut up SheX;)

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phillykid215 - - 1 comments

Yo SheX. you cant do anything about it if he did so why ever theartin online? hmm? you act live your big hot stuff online but i bet that in real life your one of the no life faggots that get their ***** kicked every week and you taking your anger out on the game and people on the internet. so why don't you STFU and go die! because if we don't remove that what will you do? hmm?
btw i never heard of you from other mods or even of your mod...***...

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