cool2000m posted this in 2014. List of fixes: widescreen: uses 1920x1080 and has a simple-to-use resolution patcher (thanks to the sinpatcher utility!) qindiegl: replaces nglide in order to work with widescreen, uses 32 bit color and textures indirectsound: fixes 3d audio and EAX! config.cfg tweaks: -raw mouse input -FOV optimization: Uses 106.26, which is the widescreen version of the 4:3 90 fov. USE THIS WITH EVERY 4:3 GAME WITH A DEFAULT OF 90! (Instructions for 16:10 monitors included) -wasd + mouse keys set

Sin Ultimate Patch

cool2000m is my alternate name. thanks for reposting! :3

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I tried using this patch, with the SiN Gold GOG and physical retail copies all patched to v1.11 and it modifies gameplay. Why does it do that? This patch ammo and health starves you big time, adds enemies where they weren't originally and increases their health to make them way more bullet spongy. In the 1st level, the FBC Bank, you're suppose to get 100 ammo to start with and enemies usually give around 20-40 for each ammo pickup, but when I use the Ultimate Sin Patch, the starting ammo is only 10 and enemies only drop around 2-5 ammo per pickup. Why is this patch doing that? I just wanted graphics and sound fixes, not gameplay changes of any kind.

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