This patch changes the game's scripting to better play music, replaces censored textures, and fixes a few more issues too:

Sin Steam v1.12 patch

Good work, I might test it if I got some time :D
But recently that seams very unlikely :(

I haven't looked at the SIN files for quite some time, so I might be mistaken, how ever I will post my thoughts maybe they help, maybe they don't.

I think that it is possible to change the following:
-Audio is not stopped when the game is paused
-Sometimes music will stop playing after loading
~Might be fixable from inside the Menu files

-Text on the aqueduct computers doesn't fit in the screens
-Text on some xenolab computers not visible
~Might be fixable by editing the texture

If you are planning to edit the maps,this might help:

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It's my patch, I checked and this copy is the newest version. A while ago I moved my files and it is now located here:

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It's updated:

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