A 2 part map demo that features a search and rescue style feel. No real story, but it does demonstrate what the mod will be like. Trenches are a tad big on the second part, but I've gotten better at making them (as you can see on the Ypres images). To launch, open the console and type in "map m01". Then when you've completed that mission open the console and type in "map m02". MAKE SURE DEVELOPER MODE IS TURNED OFF! It is quite buggy. But it's only a demo. Installation instructions in the README file included in the download.

Search and Rescue (Map Demo)
MCh2207Cz - - 2,073 comments

tryed it just to see. and yeah, the trenches feel kinda flat. watch some real life photos to get ideas for the trenches (or see the new game "verdun").

secondly, you have to make "clips" for many of the models. the best example is the bunker on the second map. you must make a "nosight_clip" around it so you cannot walk through it and enemies dont see you through the walls.

lastly, both maps feels pretty empty because they are so big. if you make the whole map in smaller scale it will have much better gameplay.

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joc69uk Author
joc69uk - - 56 comments

yeah. originally I put collisions around the bunker but forgot to check that they were still there after compiling

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Night_Shadow_Hunter - - 36 comments

Keep up the good work ^^^^ :D

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Guest - - 695,064 comments

muy buen el mod si pudieras hace runa version final buenisimo

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joc69uk Author
joc69uk - - 56 comments


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