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This version of the LOUD Project Installer (SCFA_Updater) is 4.34 Created October 10, 2018 WARNING: The installer is created using AutoIt which can be misreported as malware by some antivirus programs. You may need to make an exclusion in your AV software in order to use the program. As well as installing LOUD in parallel with your existing Forged Alliance, it will keep it up to date, allow you to launch the game, and create desktop shortcuts for LOUD, all from the installer.

LOUD Project - Installer - Ver 4.34

not to be that guy but im having a problem with the mod i installed it as it said waited for it to download and once it was done i started the game from the installer and when the game loaded the background was gone thought that was weird but i shrugged it off as a bug or glitch so i started a 4v4 game with most the LOUD mods enabled and started the game once it started it was doing a bug that was int the black ops mod where you couldnt build anything your acu didnt have animations and there was no build menu just a bar at the bottom left that hap normal stuff on it like stop move ect and when you hovered over the acu it would show the stats but inside the other bar so it was basicly unreadable another thing was i found a way to build basic thing like factories but you need the build key activated so you can build from your key like L was for land factory a was for air factory ect and it showed the icons that were buildable with the letter next to it where it would have been if the game was normal but after you built the build mode was deactivated and the icons where still there after that i left the game deactivated a few mods and restarted the same thing happened again so i restarted without any mods and the same thing happened so i figured it was files that were conflicting themselves so i uninstalled the gamdata and all that everything in the game directory execpt the LOUD folder and after it was finished the same bugged was still there no mods nothing so i uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled it LOUD with was untouched still and i made another game still broke im thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling LOUD but im not sure if that would make a difference :/ ive done everything i could think of and nothing, im gonna reinstall and see if that fixs.
and i should mention that pre build was on the whole time wasnt on purpose i just forgot to turn it off ebcause of another mod that required it, not sure if that usfull at all but there ya go.
I have the download log for the installer if you need it ill post it.
yap just reinstalled the mod and nothing changed went to a different map turned off pre built units and nothing changed still broke :/

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Ive got a log for Loud but it exceeds the 5000 character limit so i cant post it here :/

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Sprouto Author

No need for the LOG file - just go to your Main Menu and create a new profile.

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Well that was unexpected I've got a suggestion you should put a readme file with the installer saying to make a new profile never would'a thought creating a new profile would solve it :/, And thanks so much ^.^

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