Version 1.0 of Scarif: Space Battle. NOT FINAL VERSION!!! If there is any bugs, let me know.

Scarif: Space Battle V1

The map is good, but the distance between the ships can be longer, and you can also spawn more TIE Fighter, I don't know if is a bug but my map have 1 or 2 TIEs, doesn't sound like a giant space battle.

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-Most of the Rebel Starfighters crash to their death against the Star Destroyer, possibly because the Star Destroyer is too close to MC80 Rebel Carrier.
-Only one of the Rebel and Imperial Frigates are highlighted as an Enemy/Ally.
-None of Escort Frigates have any Auto Turrets which negate them as a threat and pointless in the fight.
-The Nebulon B Frigates don't blow up and/or disappear when their health bar runs out.
-The Nebulon B's have a little tan spot on their Port side near the front of the ship.
-The Capital ships don't identify as Ally/Enemy but their vital systems do.
-The Auto Defense Turrets inside the ships don't identify me as an Ally/Enemy so they won't shoot at me if I board the Enemy ship.
-The TIE Bombers are never manned and don't leave the hangar.
-There aren't any health or ammo droids inside either of the ships.
-The top right capital ship status bar has the shape for the capital ships switched.
-The communication arrays on the 'Hammerhead Corvettes' don't get destroyed along with the rest of the ship.

Those are just the observations I made when I played. I have a few more in depth things that I noticed about the battle and sides.
-There weren't any TIE Interceptors, Imperial Shuttles, A-Wings or LAATs at the battle of Scariff. I recommend changing the Imperial shuttles and TIE Interceptors with more TIE Fighters. As for the Rebels, Change the A-Wings with X-Wings and LAATs with Y-Wings.
-Change the TIE Fighter so it doesn't have a secondary weapon and just has those green blasters, so it's more in line with the canon version.
-Also, I agree with vadercaio's comment.

In the CTF version of the map all of those points i made above still count, but there are a few things that should be said about it.
-The Flag is right next to the Rebel hangar making it easier for them to win.
-The flag capture spots are so close to the flag that i could win the game in under 5 minutes.
-None of the bots actually bothered to go for the flag.
-The LAAT and Imperial Shuttles don't spawn in CTF and there is just an empty spot in both the Hangars
Thank you for doing this, it has the potential to be a go to map for me, it just needs a little touching up on the details. Keep up the good work!

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tykylo Author

Eh, I kinda abandoned this after a while. I've been busy on my Eclipse mod lately.

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This map is just plain lazy. Not recommended.

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Partially agree, the biggest issue here is that he didn't bother to use U-Wings. That's my biggest issue.
Try adding a shield gate to the planet.

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