This savegame pack includes 17 savegames from all stages of the campaign (both normal and tactical mode). Useful for veteran players who want to re-play certain stages of the game, for beginners who struggle to recruit a successful team of mercenaries, and for players who want to quickly test all features of the "Rebalancing" mod. These are legit savegames (no cheating!). The savegames were created using version 1.8 of the Realistic Rebalancing Mod. Enjoy!

Savegame Pack - for Realistic Rebalancing Mod

Pfff vetarans maybe but elite play their own games

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Killatomate Author

i have watched speedrun videos of "elite" players and it turns out they all cheated by editing the game files.

"elite" pfffff! more like script kiddies living in mom's basement :D

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