Atnas, Santa's Evil Twin, is trying to disrupt Christmas by attacking Santa's Workshop (No. 7, one of many since Santa began outsourcing from the North Pole), and it's up to you to either help him or stop him!

Santa's Workshop v1.0.0
bk2modder Author

To those who find bugs in this release and wish to report them:
1. Please comment only on this page. This will keep bugs grouped with the corresponding release, making them easier to track.
2. Please comment your reports in the following format:
-----Bug Summary (1 sentence):
-----Mod Version Number (e.g. 1.0):
-----Game Version (Platform (Steam/GOG/DVD), Region, and Patch Info, e.g. STEAM US-1.5 Remaster):
-----Bug Location (e.g. Bridge Command Post, Foyer):
-----Bug Description (in depth):
-----Steps to Reproduce:

Thanks, and have fun!

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Entertaining, funny and witty. An indispensable mod for this Christmas, great job.

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it works with the HarrisonFog Remaster?

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bk2modder Author

If you mean the Improved Sides Mod by the same team, then yes, although you'll only see those sides on the Classic Conquest era.

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