v2.4 of Romley Court is our final finished release, the game is at a point where we don't think we need to do any more on it to help it get accross it's atmosphere and emotion. If we come back to it, it will be for a graphical overhaul, or to increase the quality of textures or add more diversity to the voice acting. So, download it, experience the Manor for yourself, unearthing the surpression and coldness of a broken family. Whats new with this release? - The first noticable change is the 'menu' system, we have a menu that you actually walk around in so you're engaging with the game straight from the off. - Asset population increased, along with other visual and texture tweaks. - The final cinematic has added audio samples. - Custom loading screens. - MANY other small bug fixes. - Outside detailing and trees. - Added in more spot audio throughout the Manor. It's a load of small things but they mount up to a big improvement. Feedback welcome. Take Care Romley Court Team

Romley Court Release v2.4
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