Yuri is dead, but his old slaves and students have experienced the greatest humiliations in times of world divided into two systems of life. Now the rematch comes from the moon ... the abyss was opened at the end of the day. The world is a post apocalyptic chaos and the victorious factions in the First War yuri have been exhausted and without resources. the supremacies have concluded, to excepcion of those countries who saw the war from afar and took juice from the misfortunes of the superpowers. It is annihilated Britain, which beg the other powers of Europe an alliance to not be absorbed by economic ruin. China will rise as a superpower and the confederation of South American nations will form the disappearance of Cuba. The Arab League will be compacted into one aligned with the Iranian government bloc. So expect the world a new paradigm shift ...

Ripper Force II
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