Same as other 'Final' version, just without the monster animations. Check the description for full list of changes.

Requiem Final (No Animations)

Thank. So, this is final version ? You won't create new mod of YGO link evolution ?

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MoonlitDeath Author

Yeah this is the last update for this particular mod, and I don't plan on modding much more atm other than just helping people with their own stuff. Depending on how that new Master Rule game is, I might move to that when it comes out, but could always come back and make another different kind of mod for this game too if I don't like that game lol.

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Nice seeing the alt art work. Though not a fan of updating the ban list since then people without this mod don't have the ban list for the time suited for when these cards are released. So you could be playing a deck with 2 Called by the Grave when you are only allowed 1 with the new ban list.

But yeah it's cool. Wish I could make this stuff myself.

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