An abandoned section of cell blocks at Nova Prospekt. (2017)

Quiet Rehabilitation - Chapter One Demo (OUTDATED)

Lots of good ideas, but a few glaring issues:

- Scaling was off in a lot of places. Mostly rooms felt too big and weren't lit enough.
- Difficulty curve was too high, and not in a fun way. MINERVA did it a fun way, for this map it was just frustrating. Fast & poison zombies with only a crowbar? c'mon.

- The way you're supposed to go was frequently hard to figure out. I got completely stumped 3 times. While I did eventually find the way forward each time, it was after much +useing at the walls, doors and buttons and looking in every corner before I seen it. The way forward should be somewhat clearer than that. For example, the vent cover behind the shelves in that guard booth. There was nothing pointing towards that part of the wall so I didn't have a reason to look there until I was searching everywhere for the next way forward, and I didn't have a gravity gun or anything that was able to easily push the cabinets out of the way.

Overall I could see what you were trying to do and I liked where it was going, but it could use a lot of improvements.

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Sir, the installation path stated in the readme.txt is incorrect. It should be,

''Copy quiet_rehabilitation.bsp into your …\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2\maps\ folder.
Launch Half-Life 2
Open the console and type map quiet_rehabilitation and now press ENTER.''

instead of this,

''Unpack your .zip into your Half-Life 2 folder at:
steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2\'' - Wrong Installation path

Review: Chapter One is short, a runtime of 20min+ on first playthrough. The puzzles, challenges and enemy AIs are engaging. Brings back memories of my time spent playing Half Life 2's Nova Prospekt level. I give this a 7/10.

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Amazing mod, if you need help hmu

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