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Quake HD - Reloaded Maps (1996-1997) Full Version Game For System Windows x86-x64. (XP SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)

Quake HD - Reloaded Maps (1996-1997)

Is this much different from Epsilon or the HD pack?

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quake1hdreloadermaps Author

There are many differences, for example, added all the maps just do not remember, like even all the maps I made different Supplement in the form of bonuses supplies, bonuses amplifiers, as well as characters from many levels, balance completely passable game on all major levels of difficulties on account of the Nightmare will test how to pass again on the Hard difficulty Level as I walked on Nightmare I'll write in the comments that it is possible. (^_^)

By the way forgot to tell you, I've provided the full version of the editor, but forgot to put the unpacker PAK format, for those who will create cards required format bsp, initially in the cards PAK format are the map files bsp, to reach them requires unpacking the Pak Explorer program that can be downloaded by entering this program in the search, I take it from the site by the Quake..... to links do not leave this hint, and then pack from scratch in the archive will be a long time and a new link will be, the program itself Pak Explorer - allows you to unpack PAK archives from Quake and other games to open in map editors or other editors to change or create something. Original pakexplr - total weight of 75KB and the main thing works on x64 bit systems without problems here in what a joke. That's good. :)

By the way I will add that when you unpack the archive with the names PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK you will find there maps with the bsp extension you have to extract them somewhere and then open the map editor QuArK, after creating or changing the map you must again open the Pak Explorer in order to attach your edited map back to the archive with the same name PAK0.PAK or PAK1.PAK that is Packed with a replacement file, or you can delete a file with the same name in the archive and attach it then the replacement will not ask you two options, there you can continue my work or make something of their own, I personally allowed to change my card or do something without my consent, do what you want. I'm glad.

I just edited many years ago, tested in the same way, again began to test, the main difference from the Epsilon version is that there are weapons and other models in HD made and textures there are even more beautiful than in my version, but I did the slope on the maps and the variety to be taken to run Quake, pass the maps with a new atmosphere, and Epsilon added effects and beauty is much better, I can even try to port or create something in those maps, if ever get to this, I did not play personally in Epsilon, watched photos, the creators just super tried, but I love my retro version too, in this version as if textures in HD of an older sample, but they are beautiful too.

I did not draw as an artist from scratch, I only worked with editors, studied and created, put, drawing from me an artist only in map editors is good :)

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Thanks for the reply, will download later and try it out. :)

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quake1hdreloadermaps Author

I Update Final Map :)

Link Info:

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Your Mod , will Work too with Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity PakX Files and with all Highres Textures ?

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quake1hdreloadermaps Author

Map editors and Pak Explorer will work up to Sega Dreamcast Versions of map files and other file formats.

There was even Quake - with dinosaurs, and many other games in the series, by the way I personally played without an emulator for the PC port, I found a version of Quake Raptors in the distribution, although it is a Bida for the Dreamcast Console, it is even considered the rarest game in the entire series Quake 1, only a select few played it and passed it. The answer to your question is difficult for me, because I have not tested textures Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity PakX - theoretically they should work, as the files are all the same and the format too. That's the way all the parts of Quake 1 - which may be of interest to fans of the old series of games Quake. :)

1)Quake Raptors. (Sega@Dreamcast & PC Version)
2)Quake Gold. (Sega@Dreamcast & PC Version)
3)Quake Bert. (Sega@Dreamcast & PC Version)
4)Quake Platinum. (Sega@Dreamcast & PC Version)
5)Quake Scourge of Armagon. - Mission Pack 1 (Expansion Pack1)
6)Quake Dissolution of Eternity.- Mission Pack 2 (Expansion Pack2)
7)Quake Abyss of Pandemonium – The Final Mission.

And here is in Internet write even in the archives information, that only two official pack with with additional missions were for Quake 1 (1996-1997)

The most recent official mission pack. It was Abyss Of Pandemonium April 14, 1998 after the part of Quake Dissolution of Eternity. (Mission Pack 2)

But I personally think that all 7 parts that I pointed out - they are essentially all official, since they were on disks, as well as all ported to PC & Sega Dreamcast, some are generally ported to other consoles and Android systems. Without emulators, all these series now work. :)

Another important note on the series Quake 1 (1996-1997) & Quake HD - Reloaded Maps - Is the secret levels, in each episode you can find a secret exit (As in the series Doom, The Ultimate Doom & Doom2 ) and get to the secret level, which were seen and passed only selected. Here is a complete list of secret levels.

1)E1M8 Ziggurat Vertigo.
2)E2M7 The Underneath.
3)E3M7 The Haunted hell's.
4)E4M8 The Nameless City.

And here's where to look for Secret exits.
1)E1M4: The Grisly Grotto. (Entrance to Secret Level)
2)E2M3: The Crypt of Decay. (Entrance to Secret Level)
3)E3M4: Satan's Dark Delight. (Entrance to Secret Level)
4)E4M5: Hell's Atrium. (Entrance to Secret Level)

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