Version 1.0 of Project Earth This game revolves around you keeping your civilization alive. You have to type various commands to have them do certain tasks; either by having them gather food or lumber and other resources as you progress through the game. Every five turns a random event will occur. Also every ten turns your people will learn a new skill.

Project Earth text-based game

This is a pretty interesting game. I got far enough in one game, I unlocked the /maketown command.
1)Please implement a save/load feature, it's absolutely essential. I don't like to start from the beginning every time.
2)The game sometimes (rarely) crashes when the turn is over. If there was a save, it wouldn't be so bad, but...
3)The commands of the 3rd era do not appear in the help menu!
The /maketown and /makebigtown for example, and I think I have a command about war supplies but I forgot it because it's not there either

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Littleblackdude9 Author

Thank for the feedback

I will defiantly begin working on making a save and load function.
As for the crashing I will test the game out to see where the problem is; finally I will add the 3rd era commands as well.

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