** IMPORTANT: CHECK THE COMMENTS AND THE DESCRIPTION FOR HELP ** You can now use the upper keys to enter a number for "map size".

powercity pre-alpha v3.1

Lets me start... lol
First work on the array index out of bound with the map size!
When i did 512 it was reset to 111? and the first click to add a grass tile did an ArrayOutOfBound

Second:how do you build something else then grass?

Third:It crashed when i clicked an icon to the right (Edited)with a yellowish folder and green bar over it? You should do better quality icon if I where you so i could probably understand better what they represent.

That seem to be all i could test, sorry it s more a bug report then anything else. Try to make the building option visible if they are keypress! would be appreciated!

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jxlle Author

Sorry for the problems, I didn't playtest this version.

The Max map size is 110, but I think that I know what's your problem, I'm going to look into that.

You can find the controls in the "Content/Text Files/Controls" file. This will be under the controls menu in the future and there will be a tutorial. You can change your tile with t + scrolling and your objects with H+ scrolling. I know that these are difficult controls but the UI gets a redesign (the left side).

The icon was probably the old load icon. Thanks for saying that! It
was an old feature with the old savesystem that I removed.
So I should remove that icon.

So I'm going to fix these problems asap and upload a new hotfix!
I'm going comment here when the hotfix is ready.

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jxlle Author

Ok I know some solutions:

1) How did you produce this crash? I can't seem to reproduce it
when I type 512, it changes to 110 and it's just fine for all
the tiles, no ArrayOutOfBound error. Send me a private message
if it happens again so I can fix it.

2) I'm going to include a "ReadMeFirst!.txt" file in the same
directory of the .exe file so you can easily see where the
help documents are.

3) That button is for loading an older version of your world that
you are playing on. I'm going to add an error message when you
try to load a game that doesn't exist.

4) What do you mean by the last sentence? Do you mean building*
shortcuts so that you don't have to click the buttons?
If so, then you need to click on "m" to change the build mode.

Reply to this comment if you've seen this, and thanks for playing the game! :D

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I am so sorry i forgot about the topic, I have to test the new build and it would be better so i could make a list of how to reproduce a problem and why it seem to occur.

I will get in touch in the next topic you made

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ok First for some reason the new build as a bug in the name selection for a game name. When you start from no name (String = 0 lenght) It seem to type twice all the character for a short time. (Seem to be every bug i could find) I still get a game crash for the folder icon (i supose it s a load game icon?)

I will keep editing this reply if I see more bug for now.
I really like these kind of game to be honest.

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jxlle Author

I did a twitter poll a few days ago, and because of that I'm going to release new GUI updates to the game that also fix bugs.

Yes, that icon is the load icon. The next version will have a text toggle, for when you hover over GUI buttons, that information comes on your screen.

There was no new version so no bugs where fixed in this version. They are being fixed in the new version.
The new version will be online in a month or sooner.
Check the game screenshots if you want to see what the new GUI will look like :)

Thanks for playing!

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jxlle Author

Having problems/questions? (Check the description first)

Comment them here and I will try to fix/answer them asap!

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