Here's the second Official Patch for my Payne Effects 3 Mod, this patch updates the version 1.2 that you can download here to the latest version 1.3 - IMPORTANT: If the patch doesn't find the mod try to place the update in the same folder of the "Payne Effects 3.mp2m" file and restart the process.

Payne Effects 3 Patch 1.3
Lopper - - 1,559 comments

Awesome!...i dont have that game so i carnt really get this :|

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abyssknight_13 - - 100 comments

easiest solution is to just download from's like 1.4 gb or sumthing like that>>>this game and THIS mod are a masterpieces XD

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phille_49 - - 5 comments

i dont know if this is a bug but are the enemies going to fall on their backs the they get shot in the neck (when the hold their hands in the neck)

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CuBeWalker - - 8 comments

a D.E. anim it was my Idea ;D thank Silver for patch ;)

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Se4one - - 15 comments

i found a glitch when you crouch and press forward his left leg like "flies around" only when have the big weapons

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The_Silver Author
The_Silver - - 1,221 comments

Ok guys I understood the problem with the download, blame the new GameFront download country BAN, basically if you don't live in one of their "loved" countries they will prevent you from downloading from their servers, here's the news:

As you can see this bunch of ******** almost deliberately cut out a shitload of users preventing them from enjoying all these free mods and stuff, this is why I've uploaded my Payne Efefcts 3 Mod v1.5 FINAL FULL on a free filesharing site, so if you can't download directly from ModDB please download from my DROPBOX LINK BELOW instead of GameFront.

DOWNLOAD Payne Efefcts 3 v1.5 FINAL FULL:
MIRROR to use ONLY if ModDB doesn't work:

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