Story is where you summon a person from the past into the future who is kind of like your identical twin except that he is a different person too. The rest of the story is kinda cliche, go kill the bad guy because he does bad things to the world. It has a Dragon Warrior type battle system where its like a first person perspective sorta. This is my senior project basically. Technically, its my 2nd completed game. It isn't much. Probably would take you 10 minutes to complete. It comes from my website so enjoy it. Its an 2D RPG that was made in RPG Maker VX. I am hoping to complete the extended edition which has extra fun things in it, for now, its in hiatus. If you like what you see, I might come back for the rest of the story. For now, its just a prologue.

Parallel Worlds (Prologue)
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