This place was a beautiful place where I spent my childhood. A reminder of my grandparents… I don’t why I came here after all those years. I remember the past… Going through the wooden fences entwined with sod, I’m trying to remember. My hands are shaking… Darknesses that I can’t even step to the edges are pulling me with gnashing teeth. I’m walking, alone. Shadows have much to tell… I had to go that place where I lived as a kid. My secrets, my fears were there. Shadows, voices, feelings were there. The very house that has my grandmother’s, grandfather’s memories; the very house that is the reason of my troubles is calling me. I must lighten my fears in the mists. I must pacify the memories and souls in there, and myself… Now, after years, my feet are dragging me and I am still afraid!

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The graphics look GREAT!!! I definitely look forward to playing this

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