Anime-Wallpaper's on Full-HD This zip file contain 75 nice wallpapers of Anime, that you can use as background on your PC.

Old Anime Wallpaper's (Full-HD) - 10.10.16

Nice compilation. Made one of these my new wallpaper.
Btw it would be nice to specify which anime is each wallpaper related.
Thanks friendÔÇô great work, awesome.

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Kark-Jocke Author

I've thought about it many times to specify which each anime wallpaper are related to, but it will take a lot of my time doing it.

I see to next year what I can I do. A lot of the wallpaper I uploading are just art or just normal image which are not related to anything as well.

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Indeed most of images which we found on internet are named as Anime wallpaper or Beautiful anemies etc

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Aw, yeah! :P

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