Pilot a mech through an interplanetary war. Includes: lasers, rockets, autocannons, damage zones, heat-sinks, ammo reload truck.

Navpoint Alpha
Melerski Author

-Spread damage by twisting your torso
-Stomp on infantry and tanks to save ammo
-Mechs cool down best when walking or standing
-Running produces heat, but can help to evade enemy fire

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I gave it a try, as I like both top-down and mech combat. The idea is good, but:

First of all the controls - current set-up where you use the same finger to fire gun and twist torso (which is needed often, because turning legs also affect torso) is really weird. Especially because you have very little feedback regarding the direction you gonna fire. IMO the only way to make it smooth would be mouse control for torso. Either crosshair or laser pointer is also needed, to make shooting less guess, and more tactical decision.

Second is oveheating - it happen too fast. Unless you hit the tank every single time, you probably gonna overheat, shut down and die.

Third thing is what made MW/BT so great and popular - making your own mech. Hope it's planned.

Fourth - what are your plans to make it unique, compared to all other top-down games? Sticking with MW universe (valid option, unless you decide to monetize it) or creating something new?

5th - opening forum, here on IDB, would be nice if you want more feedback.

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Melerski Author

Thanks for the solid feedback.

Regarding controls:
Legs (left&right; arrow keys) are for aiming precisely.
Torso twist is for fast and approximate positioning of you weapons.

Yes it is harsh. Those lasers are humungous! (sry this is how I want it)

Mech configuration: It's on the list for a sequel (NavBeta) maybe sometime. I'm only a newish hobby dev having some fun, and decided to leave configuration out.

I stayed away from Battletech/Mechwarrior IP, and made my own universe.

Yeah I soon come check out da forumz.

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