New version of the Musical Immersion mod. Contains a hundred new files and bugfixes! Put the folder and the file into a folder located here 'Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod'. The mod is the folder where you have to extract it. If it doesn't exist, create it.

Musical Immersion 1.1
Lokislav Author


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if you have trouble with German music, i recommend adding from youtube like "Best WW 2 German marches Non-stop one hour" And "1 Hour of Music - Best of The Best German Military"

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Lokislav Author

nah it then feels artificial

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check this one

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i know the Soviets has a lot already but i think these songs need to be added, be cause you can drink Kompot while Hearing these musics:

We only need one victory
Ballad of a Soldier
Crew is One Family
Farewell of Slavianka
Nasha Derzhava
Patrioticheskaya Pesnya
Anthem of Kazakh SSR
Anthem of Russian SFSR?
Anthem of Ukraine SSR
Anthem of Moldovan SSR 1945 and 1980 Version
Anthem of Belarusian SSR
My Armiya Naroda (We are the army of the people)
Tri Tankista
The Red Army is the Strongest, popularly known as "White Army, Black Baron"
Legendary Sevastopol
Den Pobedy (Victory Day)
Preobrazhensky March
А Если Очень Повезёт (If You're Very Lucky)

And of course the North Korean, because North Korea Best Korea!
Aegukka (North Korean National Anthem)
Korea Does What It Is Determined To Do!
We Will Safeguard The Leadership of The Revolution With Desperate Courage!
We Will Glorify Our Conviction of Victory!
Forward, Steel-Like Division
We Serve The Supreme Commander!
No Motherland Without you
Long live WPK
Song of General Kim Il-Sung
Song of General Kim Jong Il

=====Some NK Extras if you want=====
We Shall Hold Our Bayonets More Firmly
The Mt.Paektu Army Song
Victorious Military Parade
Song of The Kim Il Sung's Socialist Youth League
Forward, Invincible Powerful Nation!
From Victory To Victory
Long Live The Workers Party of North Korea!
The General Is Great Champion
Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung!
Along The Road of Uninterrupted Revolution Under The Banner of Songun
The General Is Seen In The Outpost
Make a Higher Leap, My Motherland!
The Might of Korea
Towards The Better Future!

The United States of Murica! because "Democracy"
The Army goes Rolling Along
Marines's Hymn
Anchors Aweigh
The U.S. Air Force
Semper Paratus

and the National-Sozialitsche Deutschland Arbeiter Partei:
Hitlerjugend - Unsere Fahne Flattert Uns Voran!
Kriegsmarine - U-Bootlied
Schutzstaffel - Sieg Heil Viktoria
Afrika Korps - Vorwärts Mit Unserem Rommel
Ein Heller und Ein Batzen
Der Mächtigste König im Luftrevier
Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss

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Lokislav Author

- Damaged files stopped music from playing

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