Beta Release! New feature Ultimate attack : Mothership Wrath Mothership's Wrath Unleash the power of the mothership you have on earth's atmosphere to help you eradicate enemies.Collect ultimate shard to fill up the ulti gauge and when the gauge is full simply click press Q to do the ultimate attack. Stage 4-10 Rest of stage stage is now available, now you can beat the game for good! Bug fixes Controls Move = A,D Jump = SPACE Dash = SHIFT Bubble = L Pathogen Rod = J Dr Virus Bomb = I Gemini = P Mothership Wrath = Q Wall climb = Mash SPACE while against the wall

Mint v2.4.6

Gameplay & review:

I really liked the look of this game from the screenshots I saw and to be honest, the description made me giggle a bit too. Games whose developers don't speak English as a first language need love too!

I got really into Mint and was up for playing longer than I usually do for a Let's Try video! However, after only 40 mins (and that was with a couple breaks too) I had actually beaten the game, oh well!

From a gaming point of view, it has platforms and your character has a ton of abilities.. you just have them ALL from the off-set and it takes a while to get used to them - rather than getting them one by one etc.. Some of them didn't make sense to me but hey.. I still have a heck of a lot of fun with Mint!

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