Changes the faction colours to those from Sudden Strike. The Soviets are a faded green and the Allies get the German faction colour. Also changes the Soviet Barracks sprite to keep its flag red. Click "Read more" for screenshots.

Jozef's RA Realistic Faction Colours - Sudden Strike Version
JozefsMods Author
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My latest update changes the following:
- The Allied Barracks now has their Allied blue flag;
- All secondary campaign factions (Germany, Turkey, England, France and Ukraine) are now a markedly lighter shade of their main faction colour; except for Spain, so the faction colour in the ant missions is kept the same;
- Not a change, but included as additional files are variants of the Soviet Forward Command Post: two variants with natural coloured hammers and sickles, one gold and one red. You can manually change this in: C:\Users\~YOURNAME~\Documents\CnCRemastered \Mods\Red_Alert\JRARFCSSV\DATA\ART\TEXTURES\SRGB\RED_ALERT\STRUCTURES.

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