Welcome to my mod. Since I've been playing Vegas 1 & 2 I've heard people complain that certain weapons in the game just aren't realistic. So I researched the weapons in the game and found... They were right! While I haven't adjusted characteristics like the steadiness (or lack thereof) of the weapons when being held or fired (yet, I just might later), I have changed just about everything else. WARNING!!! This mod increases the realism of the game, i.e. it is even more difficult. But since the game has been out for a while I thought people might be up for a little more of a challenge. I adjusted all the weapons to have characteristics closer to the real ones. Most weapons now have slightly better penetration. Weight and fire rate is also now proportional to the real weapon's. I took away unlimited pistol ammo. Movement speed is now proportional to the weapon's weight. Ammo carrying ability is also more realistic. Weapons feature realistic fire select options. Realistic silencers & more.

Vegas 2 Realism Mod
Just~a~Guy - - 194 comments

wow this looks cool :D ...

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