The Core files requires one of the 2 additional downloadable packages "Normal Resolution or High Resolution" (Extract this package directly into your Diablo 2 LOD 1.10 directory followed by 1 of the 2 resolution patches) This is the Full/Multiplayer version of Hell Unleashed (Recommended for 3-6 players) For Diablo II LOD 1.10 only!

Hell Unleashed 1.3 Full Eddition (Core Files)
emils777 - - 2 comments

Hi, i made a hamachi server - hell unleashed, password - diablo, if anyone is up to play in party than plz join, sorry for bad english :)

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Soulmancer Author
Soulmancer - - 9 comments

For those of you running windows 7!!! Aside from ensuring you have Diablo 2: LOD 1.10 installed you will need to do a couple other thingsd.

To get this to work correctly... Enable "show file extentions" in folder options and enable windows xp compatability mode under properties for d2modsetup.bat, game.exe and diablo 2.exe

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wowlol2222 - - 9 comments

how to make this mod work... i put all files in diablo 2 but nothing.. i dont have this mod and i have 1.13load is tht a problem?

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wowlol2222 - - 9 comments

can u tell me how to use adamant hammer what materials need to craft or upgrade items please tell me.. i dont know and i cant find it anywhere in internet :(

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Msipeter - - 5 comments

excellent mod I have not tested the online mode but not dudare trying it for the only time this game just to learn a little more the theme of the mod incidentally plugy survival is 100% compatible in single players and this most exc why greetings q and q to go ahead.

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