An accurate and faithful recreation of the beloved Battlefield: Bad Company experience. Features: - New Antagonist: Psycho Soldier - Backstory classified; - Soundtrack to drive, kill and dance to: Radio Surf from Battlefield: Bad Company; - House full of explosive ammunition caches, rockets, grenades, 5.56 and .44 magnum ammunition. Try not to blow up your own ammo; - Driveable Humvee; Home Map only. Bugs: Skipping cutscene makes the front door closed and indestructable. If you do skip the cutscene, go into the house through the back. Don't blow a hole in the wall because you'll lose all the spare ammunition. Ammunition caches are destructable, yeah. Exterminate The Populace objective count always stays at 50. Quests still work properly though. There is no level finish.

Hatred: Bad Company - Linux Version
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