These are a lot of sound files ripped from halo 4, this doesn't contain character sounds yet.

Halo 4 Ultimate Sound Pack v1.0

This is not an "Ultimate Sound Pack", nor even a "Sound Pack" for that matter. It's an in-game music data-rip performed by 'Reclaimer' some years ago, who while shared it on a forum that has shut-down as of the end of 2019, their original MediaFire links for the eight-part Split-.7Z package still remain alive & well to this day, although perhaps only to be found in obscure locations such as the Halo Maps Forum (I cannot provide the URL due to Guest limitations, but copy-pasting this beside the main website URL, which doesn't use HTTPS I must add, should direct you to the relevant location: /index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=45590&start=816 ).

Worse yet, the uploader or the one whom the uploader received this from felt the need to package each part of the Split-.7Z package into their own folders, which renders them nearly-nonfunctional as the full contents can only be accessed if all parts are together in a single folder. And speaking as someone who has confused numerous people with Split-ZIP & Split-.7Z packages in the past, this is potentially less helpful & more confusing than providing the original links.

I have placed a report on this file due to the aforementioned reasons, but I can only kindly suggest to the uploader of this data that perhaps they shouldn't so casually reupload others' files that it appears they haven't even checked what it is they're uploading, let-alone who provided such files in the first place.

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Bost0n-KR33m Author

That's true, the sound files are packaged in separate files and need to all be extracted in one single folder in order for the files to work.

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