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Gothic UnPatch 09
catalinux1 Author

I just released version 0.9

What to expect from it:

* fixed previous bugs (minecrawler eggs from Abandoned Mine breaking the story line, incorrect display of protection provided by helmets and shields)
* the Taverne from the Pass to Khorinis is occupied by a bunch of tramps (could be a challenge to clear it early in the game)
* added 2 more monsters
* added armors of InExtremo band members and their instruments (you can use them)
* added 2 more craftable leather helmets and lowered the required amount of skins
* added new helmets
* the column can now be passed
* restored Tree Temple in Psi Camp
* added some loot to secluded places
* some other changes
* added a barebone of a 7th Chapter

About the 7th Chapter:

After you defeat the Sleeper, a video will tell you what happened after the fall of the Barrier and than you will be teleported to Xardas tower, where Xardas will tell you about a new menace and will give you a new task. You will receive from him a spell which you can use to teleport yourself outside the Old Camp.

At this point, you will be free to explore the world, populated by some creatures.

No other NPCs or quests are added yet to Chapter 7.

This 7th Chapter will be expanded in next version.

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