My KWEnhanced mod has gamedata.ini changes that lessen build speed an enhance resource production to all sides. Put these 2 files in- C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\Core\1.9 and run the game with any mod (or vanilla) that doesn't have a gamedata.ini.MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP ORIGINAL CONFIG.TXT!!!

Gamedata.ini addon to TE and TW

Sorry to say, but whats the point of that?

That'll just ruin all the balance and change the game from what the developer as well as Carnius intended it to be played like.

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Well... I suppose i'll allow this here, from now on lionheart - please try to keep your uploads TE relevant.

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Lionheart2 Author

It doesn't ruin the balance because it is a value modifier. ALL build speeds are halved but the longer ones are still longer and the shorter ones are still short. Same thing with the money.

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