Date : Imperial Civil War : 4 ABY (Noncanonical) After Darth Sidious died on Death Star II, many riots and takeovers would happen within the Imperial controlled systems, and after Sate Pestage took over the Empire, and most of the Empire divided and was controlled by warlords. Gradually most of the former factions that were apart of the Imperial Civil War were absorbed into the New Republic, but the fighting would last for almost eight years. Scenario: As the city begins to burn, you and the remaining members of your stromtrooper legion try to take control of the riots and deal with the New Republic's invasion as well. Chances are grim for the remaining members for the stormtrooper corp, as the city turns to rubble they slowly lose control of the planet and system.

Galaxy at War: Fall of Lothal

oh this will be great urban combat right here!

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