Download for V14.4 of FUEL: REFUELED, the enhancement modification for the game FUEL.

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A slightly easier to read copy of the change-log can be found here: < Link

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I've just wanted to ask you some questions about 14.4, if you don't mind )

1. The speed of all vehicles was increased or it's just me? For example, as I remember, Valkyrie hardly made it up to 160kmph, but with your mod top speed rises up to about 200kmph, - and even more on vehicles with a higher speed rating.

It's good, since the original game felt limited sometimes, when even fastest vehicles weren't able to provide any significant speed during long trips.

But, on the other hand, such speeds changed the behavior of light-weight vehicles (for example, bikes), making them harder to control - for example, Trailblazer jumps off the every bump of the road: and, unfortunately, it doesn't feel good, since suspension is quite rough and every landing feels like you're bumping into a concrete wall :)

The point is: maybe, it's worth to adjust the weight a bit, or make the suspension softer, to return some comfort to driving such vehicles?

Of course, if it's not mistaken about the change of speeds :P

2. As I understand, it's not possible to choose weather for Free ride Extreme, right? I'm just confused because every helipad I tried yet had only heavy rain and no other weather types.

Or weather type in free ride extreme is not dynamic and depends on the location? Sand storms in sands, tornados in Drownington Cove, heavy rains in Offshore Shack, etc., right?

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1. In V14.4 I haven't directly increased the speed of the vehicles (or made any handling changes), however there may have been some side-effects of other changes made. In V15 (which is coming in just over a weeks time), I've gone through and changed a lot of the vehicles so hopefully improved / fixed.

2. Each helipad within a zone has the same weather type - the point of free-ride extreme is to cancel out the dynamic weather and force a specific setting - usually some of the most extreme weather. A location that is snowy will have a snow storm... and places such as Drownington and Redrock will have a Tornado etc.
It's supposed to be used in co-ordination with debug mode, so if you want a specific weather setting (excluding tornado) in another zone you can just teleport there and the weather will remain forced.

With 190 helipads in the game I haven't made specific settings for each one, And obviously certain locations work better than others for triggering a tornado. If you encounter any specific one that can be improved let me know.

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bac9 - - 20 comments

Thanks for answers!

As about the debug mode - is it possible to revert changes it makes in your garage after using vehicle select menu? I mean, every vehicle you pass while scrolling the debug vehicle list, become unlocked for buy or even added to your garage, and that kills any interest in hunting mavericks, completing zones, etc.

Of course it should be this way if you used it to cheat in races, but I've just used the menu to try Dragster in free ride, and bawww, most of game motivation is killed now (

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