Unofficial patch for FUEL that includes various core game fixes and improvements from the mod FUEL: REFUELED. No gameplay is altered in any form, it is compatible with all languages and is fully compatible with all users online (even those not using this patch). This patch is also fully compatible with the FUEL Demo.

FUEL - Patch #4 (Unofficial)

What is the difference between this and REFUELED ?

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Vetron Author

This Unofficial Patch is just a compilation of bug fixes and minor improvements that doesn't change how FUEL plays in any way. Given that there are no official patches for the game, these unofficial patches are aimed to be as widely acceptable as possible.

REFUELED mod runs on top of the unofficial patches and then introduces changes that effect game-play. Such as reworked single-player races for example.

So if you want to play FUEL as it is; straight out of the box with some bugs fixed then download this. If you want to play the game with certain parts reworked and improved, as well as any bug fixes then download REFUELED.

There is a change-log here that says exactly what REFUELED mod does:

It wasn't always like this, but it made sense to separate the two. For stability and I guess keeping everyone happy. If you download REFUELED mod then the required patch will always be included in the download.

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