Requirements: Be the required country. Control all required states. Be an independent country. Advantages of forming a new nation: Getting a core in all uncored states required to form the nation + some extra ones. A brand new name, flag and map color. +20% Stability. Available nations: Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Africa (any african country) Alpine Federation (Austria or Switzerland) Angevin Empire (United Kingdom) Arabia (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordania or Palestine) Asia (any asian country) Assyria (Iraq or Syria) Australasia (Australia or New Zealand) Austria Hungary (withouth Death or Dishonor) Balkan Federation (any balkan country, Romania or Hungary) Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia) Benelux (The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg) Britannia (United Kingdom or Ireland) Bulgarian Empire (Bulgaria) Byzantium (Greece) Caribbean (Haiti, Dominican Republic or Cuba) Carpathia (Romania, Hungary or Slovakia) Celtic Union (Ireland) Central American Federatio

Formable Nation
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