I really wanted you guys to enjoy this small demo i made so i won't leave this with LOT of bugs and unbalanced game.

Dungeon Souls Bonus Update!
yahiamoh - - 24 comments

good job

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LurkersLair - - 201 comments

Got variable.get error when tried to run the game. However on second attempt it started up properly. Game it self looks great, controls are great, however i have few concers regarding gameplay.
I dont know whats your aim with the gameplay, but i think there is too many traps and some of them are realy hard to spot, whitch is frustrating. (but maybe other players ll have different opinion)
Second concern is lack of some kind of quick restart button when you die. It would be great if i could start over again without going back to the menu and chose the hero again.

Other than that it seems like there is a great game shaping up!

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AwesomePossum50 - - 2 comments

Too bad there's no Mac Demo, I'm going to have to try Wineskin.

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