That's right, a generator that spits out Diseases. It can make some confusing things, such as "Problematic Seizures", "Powerful Boils" and "Barely Noticable Kidney Failures", but with a little regeneration-power and wider-thinking, it's very useful.

Disease Generator
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Are you going to need ingame doctors to cure them? And how will htey spread?

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Azkanan Author
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In game Doctors, these I was thinking of whilst coding the generator... I was wondering how the house-bound players would call for a Doctor. There is an illness that can be fatal/very powerful from sun hitting your skin (Sort of like a vampire?).
So that situation would be interesting.

As for how they are spread... Contact with diseased locations, I suppose. Disease strikes one villager, spreads (via airborne), being in the village has a high chance of catching the disease...
Vermin, being the sewers? Diseases will probably be one of the lowest priorities, moreso one of the "interesting extra features" I suppose, so i'll come to that bridge when I cross it. :)

right now, I'm generating the diseas so that they can be entered as some common translations (Such as, a cold-like influenza that lasts for a week or so).

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Hartliss - - 150 comments

Are we capable of creating our own things? I was looking in the files and found empty spaces that were numbered.

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