Description: You probably already know that this was a level of my cancelled game FATAL.

Decomposition #1
numbersix - - 2,244 comments

Maybe its because I'm running dp under linux, but when I open console and click out of the window it repeats:

Lost frame = 24120
Entity DB = -1 to -1
EntityFrame5_WriteFrame: packetlog overflow for a client, resetting
EntityFrame5_WriteFrame: packetlog overflow for a client, resetting
CSQC entity DB: lost a frame too early to do any handling (resending ALL)...

It stops as soon as the window is re-selected.
Doesnt seem to affect in game at all.

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skx_doom Author
skx_doom - - 69 comments

Absolutely no idea what the hell is it :D
Sorry, I currently don't have any option to test DP anywhere except Windows, so releases are primarily focused to this platform.
The engine was compiled under Windows too, if it matters...

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DrinkMoreTea - - 1 comments

Tested on Linux (latest darkplaces from Xonotic git, as well as compiled from sources from archive), problem didn't appear.

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numbersix - - 2,244 comments

Hey - thanks!
Likely it is something in my config somewhere.
I wasnt really focused on getting a pure install when I did the first glance.
If I discover anything else, I'll report back.

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