CW8 improvements since CW7. 414 cities new: Centurinum (Corsica) Massag Emba Numantia (Iberia) Ineu (Dacia) Usu ( China) Zhambek ( Alani) Bannovallum (Coritania Britons) Ratae (Coritania Britons) Pontes (Cantii Britons) Durovernum (Cantii Britons) New Factions: Umbria Massagetae Coritania Britons Cantii Britons Trinvantes Regni New Scripted Events: Map changes : improvements in Corsica/ Sardinia Volga River extended north to Novgorod 2 new rivers West of Carpathian Mts extensions to some Iberian Rivers more hills and interesting terrain in British Isles. Dacia and Getae improved with new shield sets, archers, better warband , access to small ballista. New colour and logo for Numidia A few improved Roman generals portraits New brigades: Iberian Guards Dacian Archers Agema Seleucid Cavalry Lorica Segmentata w arm guard Gabiniani Legion of Egypt


All HAIL SGZ, thanks for releasing this, excited to try a new campaign.

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