Description: A pack of hunter AIs with assorted weapons. This little project of mine originated when I got bored of the regular old hunter. I decided to add a bit more variety to them. Descriptions of new hunters (left to right) -Silver: Hunter slugger, uses adapted human technology. Has warthog chaingun. -Turquoise: Hunter Beserker, runs fast, only melees opponents. Explodes shortly after dying. -Green: Hunter Railgunner, has a railgun that takes a little bit longer than the fuel rod cannon to charge and fire. Projectile can go through multiple targets. -Gold/Bronze: Hunter Major, has a rapidly-firing assault cannon that fires plasma pistol rounds. -Burgundy/red: Hunter Flamer, uses a flamethrower from adapted human technology. Has to get close to use it, so keep your distance! To install these, extract them to your tags folder and be creative. Please credit me if you use these, I'd appreciate it. NOTE: The gold hunter will replace your original hunter major Actor varient. If you

Custom Edition New Hunter Tags

The Hunter Rangers?

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Nice idea, I like it.

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