Gamestah Radio present Craptastic Chatback with EJ and Bob! - Show 80 Clan in Review: The Governators - This bunch of muscle head steriod junkies are trying to take over the world. We catch up with guys to ask is Iron the only thing they pump? What the FORK!: Our newest segement on chatback. What the fork will deal with all things modding. Fork from Mod database will be along weekly to bring the community up to speed on whats hot and whats not in the HUGE world of Mods. GameArena Finals: We recap this weeks ET and COD finals action from GA. ETTV: Whats happened to our ettv coverage. We hope to find all the answers tonight. Road to Qcon: We will being you and update from Camp Mo and thier preparations for Qcon. *NOTE* Craptastic is an Australian gamers chatback show hosted by EJ and Bob live from Queensland, Australia every Thursday night from 9pm AEST (GMT+10:00).

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