CC3: WESTERN FRONT January 2007 Version 10 Thank you for downloading this modification to CC3: Cross of Iron. The Western Front mod (WF) is a major work that took over a year to complete and two years to get to version 9.1, which came five years before this update - Version 10, inspired by the re-release of the Close Combat series. This mod depicts the Western Front conflict from June 1944 to May 1945. The mod replaces all Russian teams with British and U.S. forces. As well, German units have been altered to reflect the composition of Western Front forces. Many new German troops and vehicles have been added. There is one WF campaign called Assault on Europe. The campaign is somewhat dated but many of the maps still hold up well, including the excellent Omaha map where the fighting starts (the map is included in the main mod download.)

COI WestFront Plugin
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