Imported the Thompson from World at War. Full credits go to Treyarch for creating the original models and animations. They have been imported into CoD2 by The Law (xfire: sephylon). Obviously, this version of the Thompson replaces the CoD2 Thompson in SP and MP.

CoD5 Thompson
ClihMazard - - 17 comments

owww Awesome Gun Thanks My friend :)

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Ghostfare - - 3 comments

Hey bro pls make TAR-21

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Marcomix - - 662 comments

Is it possible to make a version of this thompson without the Cutts compensator? It's unrealistic for the M1 variant to have it (only the M1921, M1928 and M1928A1 have it)

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xXx_getrektscrub420_ - - 16 comments

there is a slight error with this everytime i load up the british campaign i get error view model_thompson

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xXx_getrektscrub420_ - - 16 comments

i get this error no ai vs player accuracy graph for the thompson

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hazzabazza0205 - - 19 comments

Wow this is very cool thanks for making this man!

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BestGameBestShoot - - 31 comments

dear LawAndOrder, can you make cod 5 Mosin, please?

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