FOOTSTEPS NO LONGER REQUIRED: PATCH A NTSC VERSION OF GOLDENEYE GoldenEye 007 (U) [!] Autoshotguns are lethal for both enemies and player, so for the levels in which some enemies got autoshotguns be sure to kill them before the other ones. In some levels you could restore your health by picking some objects. I plan to add audio briefing for all levels, right now you could hear it in 3 levels by pressing B button in front of Goldfinger 64's radio: Dam, Facility, and Frigate. The mod also contains a different Laser RC-P for each part, only the color of the laser changes. This weapon is fast as the RC-P, powerful as the laser, and uses ammo as the RC-P too. Each part has different sample from Pierce Brosnan James Bond's movies for the grenades. So if you hear a sample from one of those movies: run.

Bloody Mary: Ladies' Night: Part X1: ( 25/08/23 )
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