The full version of my new game Blood Lips a game like no other is released. Please note that to reduce file size I have not included rpg maker vx ace RTP. Just google Rpg maker vx ace RTP and you will find it on the website its completely free.

Blood Lips 1.00

This game was great the story (especially the ending) was emotionally impacting and awesome great job :)

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First to say... I'm a really hard critic, I hope this won't hurt anyone's feelings... If I do, I'm sorry...
The game was filled with bugs... also, you spam "kool"... The story was very nice, although it promised more. You should learn how to use a program before publishing something you made with it, unless this was to show you can finish making a whole game in a week or less, or a month if you have too little free time (If that's the case, this was great). You didn't change the names in the DB. I guess the credits were for all of the ones who came up with the story, not developing it... Gimme a call if you wan't me to do a bugfixed version or a buggy gameplay.

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