This is version V5R modified to be used on EX+ instead of the Remaster.

AtomicFrog's Doom 64 Reloaded for EX+
Skylarkoverthesunset - - 365 comments

Very good work, thank you. Just a shame that, for some reason, EX+ doesn't seem to like my controller. Still, overall, EX+ is better than the recent official release.

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NoOne_Tride - - 18 comments

is it just me or is this very jerky and stuttery? f.e. doom 64 ce runs smooth as butter

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AtomicFrog64 - - 24 comments

This version is completely out of date.
Its like 35megs where the finished verion is 53meg. It has missing graphics and levels with many glitches that were never ironed out. It was simply a 'proof of concept' that Reloaded would work on EX+. And has not been updated since. As for any bugs? I wouldn't know. I am in no way involved in this endeavour to bring Reloaded to EX+.
You'd be better off playing the offically finished wad on nightdives rerelease.

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