Released. Best Mod for mount and blade until we make another mod that is... ENJOY the GREATNESS! .

Assassin's Mod The Grey Farmers
Anddos - - 390 comments

any servers up?

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SgtCbb Author
SgtCbb - - 488 comments

Not for warband, sorry.

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phille244 - - 32 comments

doesnt it kinda clearly say mount and blade mod?

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Guest - - 696,225 comments

ill start an server up

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SgtCbb Author
SgtCbb - - 488 comments

good man

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swordmint - - 120 comments

It looks Nice
I dont know why There is soo many Warband fans..

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flipon!!! - - 2 comments

this is my first time intalling a mod help!

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Guest - - 696,225 comments

In the *Mount & Blade program on you Pc in you Program Files go to it and go to Modules and you put the file in their and it should work that's where i put my SWC file and now i play SWC all the time pretty fun try that mod out and btw don't try to put it anywhere in the Programs files *Mount & Blade file you must put it in the Modules file inside *Mount & Blade..

Hope this works for you!!!! :)

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ubrikus - - 8 comments

This is fake, nothing is changed. Why would anyone do this?

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gimigorn - - 12 comments

It finnaly started downloading windows 10 isn't as terrible as I thought but windows 10 is still terrible

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